How to help your dog in a new place

Upon arrival in a new apartment, your pet may not immediately accept the new environment and try to return to his usual environment.

As a result, this will lead to the fact that the animal may run away to the old house and get lost. To prevent such a situation, it is important to recreate the features of the former place of residence during the first time a pet stays in a new place, and also adhere to the following recommendations:

The animal must make sure that the new home is safe. Run and let him explore all the premises. Your four-legged friend may not show interest in a change of scenery. Don’t worry, interest will come with time.
Immediately upon arrival at a new apartment, show the dog its place, where to put a bowl of water and food. The puppy may not immediately remember where the bowls are, so he needs to be lured with treats at first.
Arrange your favorite toys and items on the couch so that your four-legged friend gets used to the new place faster. Provide positive associations by giving your pet a treat or playing with it. So the animal will perceive the new home as a positive place. A treat hidden in advance, which the pet will find in the process of exploring a new territory, will also give positive emotions.
Keep your dog safe. Check regularly that doors and windows are locked.
The specific timing of the adaptation of a four-legged friend in a new apartment after moving is an individual indicator that determines many factors: the nature, breed and age of the pet. As a rule, a week is enough for the pet to fully get used to the new territory. In order for the adaptation to be painless and quick, it is recommended to arrange the furniture in the new apartment as it stood in the previous dwelling. So the dog quickly adapts to new living conditions.

In order not to carry everything on your own, order the services of movers for moving – this way you will spend less effort and be able to arrange all things the old fashioned way.