How to change the city and not get bogged down in the problems of moving

There are many reasons for moving to another city. Someone changes jobs, someone wants to live closer to relatives, others do not like the climate. If you have already decided in which city it is better to move to live in order to feel happy, successful and secure, it’s time to prepare tactically, psychologically and financially. It’s not that easy. We tell you how to prepare for the move from the point of how to hire a cargo taxi to where to put the pets.

What to do before changing city

If the decision has been made and the mental attitude “I want to move to another city” has become habitual, and there is already a place that will become a new comfortable home, it’s time to get ready to go.

Keep in mind that as Day X approaches, panic and a sense of time pressure will increase, so you need to plan everything carefully.

A month before departure, determine what things, furniture, appliances will not go with you, and put them up for sale.
Collect all documents (passports, diplomas, certificates, birth certificates of children, medical records) and put them in one place.
Pay taxes, fines, loans, utility bills, make sure there are no debts.
A week before departure, review things again and distribute what you failed to sell to your friends. Don’t take too much with you.
Negotiate with a shipping company or order a container at a freight station of the railway.
During the day, collect the remaining things that will go with you, and not in the back of a car (first aid kit, hygiene products).

By acting according to a clear plan, which is set out on paper, you will gather without panic and excitement.

What are the challenges you face when moving?

The main problem that you may encounter concerns the safety of things during transportation, so you need to pack them especially carefully. Here and assembling furniture, and packing things in boxes. Decide in advance how the move to a new place of residence will be carried out:

if road transport is involved, then choose a trusted company that will monitor the correct loading of things and their safety;
to transport furniture, it is advisable to disassemble it – this will take time;
if a trip of several thousand kilometers is expected, order a container – a 5-tonne is enough to transport things from a 2-room apartment;
be sure to fix furniture items, household appliances so that they are not damaged.

How long does it take to adapt

Most of those who have experienced moving to another city talk about the difficulties of adaptation. First of all, they are associated with a feeling of loneliness. Everything around seems alien, there are no relatives and even acquaintances, the usual rhythm of life is changing.

Psychologists advise not to be afraid to meet new people. To do this, you can use social networks, talk about yourself, join groups in the city where you moved.

Often, longing comes in the evening or at lunchtime, when there is no one to share a meal with and talk about business. Do not dine alone, go to a cafe where there is a high probability that someone will sit down at your table and the first acquaintance will occur.

Go in for sports. Jogging, yoga, fitness perfectly reanimate the nervous system, and in the gym it is easier to meet people who may become best friends in a new city.