How do dogs behave when they move?

As a rule, dogs tolerate the move quite calmly. Being, the first hours in a new apartment, they can constantly run from room to room, studying a new home. The pet can sniff corners. You need to be prepared that he will mark the territory, having relieved himself of a small need.

In some cases, the animal may become nervous. This is manifested in the fact that it sits near the front door and whines. Often, the owners confuse this process with the desire of the pet to take a walk. However, it must be taken for a walk. The yard is part of the new conditions, so the dog must explore all the surroundings where he has to walk. Two or three walks are enough for the animal to begin to consider the territory as soy and gradually forget the old house.

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How to tell if your dog is stressed after moving home
First of all, the endocrine system of the animal reacts with the release of adrenaline. In a dog, stress after moving causes the following changes in the state of the animal:

rapid heartbeat and breathing;
high blood pressure;
dilated pupils.

Prolonged exposure to stress weakens the pet’s immune system, thereby reducing the body’s defenses against various pathologies and infections.