Tips to help you avoid the hassle of moving

1) You should not move with before holidays, at the end of the quarter, at the beginning / end of the month, because the companies that transport goods have the most orders and it will be difficult to find free movers, drivers and cars. The speed and quality of services provided in such conditions may be lower. It is better to consult with an employee of the company in advance and agree on the most convenient moment for the move.

2) Do not move at night. There is a high probability that moving your furniture and other items is far from the first job for movers, so their fatigue can adversely affect the quality of the work. The best time to move is in the morning. During daylight hours, loading and unloading is much easier, the risk of losing or damaging things is significantly reduced.

3) Pre-order. If you contact the carrier a week before the scheduled date, then the contractor will have time to organize and prepare. The best performers will also be selected for you.

4) Do not use the services of those companies that offer a deliberately low price for their services. Low prices hide the unsatisfactory quality of the service or an unforeseen “surprise” in the form of an increase in the cost of the final transportation cost.

5) Before using the services of a particular company, you need to consider several options. A significant point is the quality of service. If you notice negligence even at the stage of placing an order, then it is more than likely that unexpected problems will arise in the process of fulfilling it. The lack of organization of the workflow can nullify even the simplest transportation process.

Pay attention to the official website of the company that provides assistance in moving. If it has poor design and a mobile-only user interface, the company probably doesn’t have the best reputation.

Shot of a mature couple packing boxes on moving day

6) If you have a fairly large move or you are going to transport expensive furniture, it is advisable to come to the company’s office in person. You need to make sure that the company is responsible for damaged items in the event of the fault of its employees. To do this, you need to find out if it is a legal entity. A separate issue is the conclusion of the contract. If you enter into an agreement with a legal entity, you receive some guarantees. These are the terms of the order, the cost of the service, the responsibility of the company for the safety of the cargo, penalties and compensation for damage. It is much more difficult to interact with private carriers, since no one is responsible for the quality of services.

7) Do not rely on insurance issued by an insurance company. Please also note that the carrier insures the risks associated with the transportation process itself. No one is responsible for carrying out loading and unloading activities, during which damage to things most often occurs.

9) Make sure that the pricing policy and quality of the services provided by the company you have chosen are consistent with others in your area. You should beware of small firms that like to pretend to be reputable companies, because their service is absolutely not what is indicated in the advertisement.

10) Do not forget to discuss with the carrier the conditions for the implementation of transportation, indicate all the things that need to be transported. Moreover, it is necessary to report the presence of fragile items, expensive paintings, antique furniture, pianos and other items. Firstly, having all the necessary information, the company’s employees will take all necessary measures for the comfortable and safe transportation of things. Secondly, such information will simplify the pricing procedure.

11) The company’s website often contains customer reviews. When assessing the reliability of the company, according to customer reviews, you need to be careful. If these recommendations have the same type of writing, are written intentionally flattering, then most likely they are not true. Some firms practice the experience of using custom reviews to promote the company.