How to disassemble a bed for moving

The frame is connected with metal fittings, which can be removed using a furniture key of the required size. Having previously removed the mattress, you will see the base. It can be easily removed by pulling on the straps. The base will fold like an accordion or a book. This detail will not take up much space. If your bed cannot be dismantled, then movers may be required.

Next, you need to disassemble the base itself. If for the first time you are faced with the problem of how to disassemble and transport the bed, then it is better to use the assembly scheme by performing all operations in reverse order. Usually the sequence of actions looks like this:

screws are unscrewed from reinforcing bars;
the support corner on which the base rested is disconnected;
metal corners are untwisted;
sidewalls and backs are detached;
the central transverse panel is dismantled.

To make the assembly process easier after transportation, you need to collect all the fasteners in a bag or jar, it is better to use separate bags with a magnetic stripe. They close tightly and not a single self-tapping screw, screw or corner will be lost. It will not be superfluous to mark all the slats of the frame, this will facilitate the assembly process when installing in a new apartment.